Share your USB modem

by Bobby Prince on April 01, 2009

We are now stocking USB Mobile Broadband Routers (UMR’s) which enable the sharing of the internet connection delivered via a 3G modem.

  • Shares single internet connection via WiFi and/or Ethernet
  • Enables access to your 3G internet connection for multiple wireless-enabled devices in your home such as Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP, PS3, iPhone, iTouch, Xbox etc.
  • Connects to the mobile internet via USB modem
  • Use your existing 3G/HSPA modem from your operator
  • Locate the router where the 3G signal is best – surf the internet where you are most comfortable
  • Offers an always-on connection
  • Can be used with any operator, anywhere at anytime
  • Small and quick to configure

These are available for sale or hire to Production companies or for sale only to individuals.